Wild Wo(men)

Wild Wo(men)

A design created to encompass the ferocious, creative spirit of women. Men aren't the only ones who can change the world.

My Process

Wild Wo(men) Trend.jpg

Trend Research

I started looking through images online and trying to decide what I needed to incorporate into my ensemble. I was drawn to the deep colors and chunky silhouettes that were being showcased for the Autumn/Winter 2018 seasons. I was especially drawn to a forecast from WGSN titled "Human Nature".

Androgynous Fall 2018.jpg


This ensemble, is built on the ferocity and subtle nature of the feminine soul. Women are strong and are capable of being anything and accomplishing anything. The perseverance of that soul is something I show in my designs, by creating strong silhouettes. I want to get away from the thought that we need skin tight clothing to feel feminine tough. Women are femininity.  There is no other additive to that definition.

There are no feelings of fragility, weakness, or insignificance associated with the word. We are wild women and we control the world.

Ideation Sketches

Wild Wo(men).jpg

Final Presentation Board

Technical flats are of the garments that I actually constructed. I used illustrator to create the flats and hand drew the figures. I placed them into a relaxed art studio scene to further the mood I'd created.