Just Beings

Just Beings

As natural as the rivers and mountains that occupy this earth, so are human beings. Let them be, no gender, no judgement.

My Process


Glimpse into my book.

I found this illustration and was immediately drawn to it. The feeling of longing that is present is very powerful. Once I started to examine the piece further I realized that the line on the sweater never leaves the wake of the boat. So, I wrote down "where one ends another begins". That is essentially where my idea for "Just Beings" began. 



I tried to latch onto that idea, "where one ends another begins." How could I accurately create something where nature and the human form become one thing. I started exploring fabric manipulation techniques to create forms from nature out of my materials. I was drawn to the movement of water and the rigidity mountains. 


MOOD & Concept

A human being is something we can describe as natural. It is one of the world’s most natural forms right alongside the natural creation of mountains or rivers on the earth’s surface. 

If we are natural, why do we not always feel it? Why are there beings who are afraid to step into their natural form?

I have created a piece of clothing that is natural to all beings.

 no judgment     no gender     no expectation      

  just being

Last Rough Sketches into Technical Flats

Final Hours in the Lab