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Senior Capstone Progress

My capstone project for the semester is well under way. I’ve decided to create a line of technical and casual pieces of clothing. I wanted to have a nice mixture of clothes that could be worn backpacking, bouldering, or climbing and relaxing in a van or at a crag.

My line is focused on androgynous apparel. I created a lot of boxy and loose fitting silhouettes in order to be comfortable on both a man’s and woman’s body. Here I’ll upload the photos of some of the technical pieces I’ve finished.

Devan Bridson

Summer has started and is slowly creeping into a full sprint. I've officially accepted an internship with Coalition Snow, so those projects will be kicking into gear within the next weeks, and I'm taking a couple summer classes. So, you could say I'm about to get busy busy. I've been getting into a really nice schedule of working, but throughout my day I need a change in scenery, so I like to cafe hop every once in awhile. I realized that I don't have any proper little bags to just carry my laptop and planner in. So, what did I do yesterday? I made a little tote out of recycled scraps. :)

Devan Bridson
CAD Final

My final project for my Computer Aided Design class is under way and I'm pretty excited with the direction I've taken. The requirements are that we create 3 cohesive products, and each product will have 3 prints/patterns. Those 3 prints/patterns also need to have 3 different colorway options. 

So, I've decided to try my hand at designing snowboard gear. I'm planning on designing a pair of pants, a jacket, and prints for the straps on your goggles. I'm drawing inspiration for my prints from old vintage posters of Arches National Park, Redwood National Forest, and Glacier National Park. 

Here are the first rough drafts of the prints for the Jacket details. 

 Not sure how I feel about the colorways yet.......

Not sure how I feel about the colorways yet.......

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Creative Design Process Course!

This class has been keeping me extremely busy since the very start of the semester. We are turning in our first samples on Friday and our finished garments are due on Wednesday next week. I've been moving a mile a minute.The only requirements of the project were to include two different types of fabric manipulation. So, I'm creating a non-gender specific jumpsuit that you can wear anywhere and never be worried about looking too "feminine" or "masculine". I'm creating an illusion of rippled water on the shoulders with a hand-pleating method that I'm experimenting with, and I'm bleaching a mountain design onto the pockets. I've attached a picture of what I have completed of my sample garment, a practice sample of my bleaching technique, and what I have done of my ripples. The hand-pleating is going to take me forever!!


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Things are getting wild! I've never beaded before this moment. Wish me luck!

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We've started an eveningwear design project in class. The requirements are that it be women'swear, be strapless, and contain boning. Eveningwear is never something I've leaned towards, so I was having trouble becoming inspired. So, naturally, I went the costume design route. I am currently creating a live action eveningwear ensemble for the character San from Studio Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke". 

Mood_Target Eveningwear.jpg
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Design Board and Class Photos of Wild Wo(men)

Devan Bridson

This small collection is built on the ferocity and the subtle nature of the feminine soul. Women are strong and are capable of being anything and accomplishing anything. The perseverance of that soul is something I show in my designs, by creating strong silhouettes. I want to get away from the thought that we need skin tight clothing to feel feminine tough. Women are femininity.  There is no other additive to that definition. There are no feelings of fragility, weakness, or insignificance associated with the word. We are wild women and we control the world. 

.....more to come soon :)



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School is in full swing and it's challenging to work on my personal line along with what is required from me for school work. However, I did finally start drafting my coat after I finished my draping assignment yesterday, and I played around with some costume design.  :)

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More sketches for my new project line. I've decided to make it a Fall 2018 all gender collection. 

Devan Bridson

06.16.2017 - First Day working/interning at RAYGUN in Des Moines

First Impressions:  

  • Laid back
  • Lots going on at once
  • No task is considered above or below anyone
  • Cali is chill
  • She has worked there for almost a year now, and is very respected
  • Cut and Sew is a super tiny operation
  • Not sure if I'd fit in there, personality wise (go figure)
  • Floor staff is super helpful and nice
  • So many employees, I swear many people didn't realize I was new!


And today I did yoga :)

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The start of a new project. I'm not sure what it is or where its going yet!

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I'm starting a project today. I want to recycle old, over-sized, men's, button up, shirts and turn them into climbing tank tops. I started making my patterns and drew up my first design today. 

Devan Bridson

Very quick doodle just to get a pencil in my hand before bed. I've had a busy busy day!

Devan Bridson

This drawing looks a bit boxy, but it's part of the practice. Also, I had an interview with Raygun! (Fingers crossed that I'll get to be a part of the team!)

Devan Bridson

Used the book 9HEADS by: Nancy Riegelman to sketch out these bad boys today! I also decided to play around a little more with my video making. 

Devan Bridson